There is nothing worse than a dark, damp basement, so with our help you can convert that space into a well-lit, comfortable living space.

Whether you are looking to install a games room, gym or home office, we can help you plan your basement conversion and ensure that it is waterproof with solutions such as basement tanking or water management systems.

This article will take you through what basement conversions are, how they work and whether they are the right step for you and your property.

Basement waterproofing - damp specialist working

The most important aspect to consider when converting your basement is potential water and damp penetration – since the basement is located below ground level, it is more susceptible to damp.

Our specialist team offer several options for waterproofing to avoid damp basements, and these will depend on your property and design requirements. We will either use methods to block the passage of water, such as basement tanking, or install a system to manage the water ingress and dispose of it safely.

If you already have a basement that is a damp, dark space, then a basement conversion can allow you to install a waterproofing system to ensure that damp will not penetrate and cause problems for your new usable area in your property.

Space can also be a driving factor behind basement conversions, as it can allow you to convert a space into a more inhabitable and comfortable area without having to extend your home.

A games room, utilities room, office, TV den, gym, or storage are just a few of the ways you can renovate your basement or cellar into a more usable space. Not only that, but the benefit of investing in a professional renovation is that it can add value to your property.

Basement conversions can increase the value of your property. Most importantly though, a basement conversion can offer you that extra space you need to make your home feel more comfortable. When comparing a loft conversion to a basement conversion you will not find a huge difference in price – it will simply depend on the space you want to create.

Depending on your budget, design ideas and property, the cost will vary for each individual project. We can give you a guide price over the phone, and after a home survey we can provide you with a quote for your project.

Basement waterproofing system

One of our specialist teams can provide you with a basement survey that will determine whether your basement is suitable for conversions, what waterproofing system would be required and whether any repair work is needed during the basement conversion.

In most cases planning permission is not required for a simple basement conversion, as ‘change of use’ does not apply; for instance, when you convert a basement into a living space, it usually falls under what is known as Permitted Development Rights.

However, if you build a new basement, significantly increase the size of the space, lower the floor level, alter the exterior of the property, or if you have a listed building, planning permission could be required.

The Government’s planning portal contains all the relevant literature, or you can contact your local planning office for more information.

Building regulations are required for most building works, since they will ensure that the space is safe and energy efficient. Fire escape routes, ventilation, ceiling height, damp proofing, electrical wiring and water supplies are all covered by building regulations.

Your basement conversion may be excluded from building regulations if it involves just renovating an existing habitable space or is just repairing the current basement.

If you are seriously considering a basement conversion, the first step you will need to take is a survey. You will need to determine if your basement and home is suitable for a con-version.

At Richardson & Starling, we can offer this initial survey, which will be followed by a quote. If you are converting your basement due to damp issues, we have damp proofing specialists on hand to ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate damp proofing specification. If you have any questions about basement conversions of if you would like to book a property survey, please contact your local branch.

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