Introduction from the Group Managing Director

Veitchi Group are committed to ensuring we adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. This includes preventing slavery and human trafficking, and we will not tolerate this in any form. As well as being illegal, slavery, human exploitation and human trafficking are damaging to all parties who engage in them. Any breach of our Policy will be regarded as a serious matter and will result in disciplinary action for employees, and revocation of contracts from our Supply Chain.

Veitchi Group Business

Veitchi is a group of companies that are involved in various construction activities in the United Kingdom. We are made up of five key businesses covering a diverse range of services to the industry. Our businesses are, and cover:

Company Company Registration Number Services Provided
Veitchi Holdings 9798 Holding Company
Richardson and Starling (Damp Proofing Company) 944470 Installation and supply of basement water proofing systems for internal and external applications; Provision of timber treatment and damp proofing works; Provision of maintenance and building services
Veitchi Flooring 19963 Manufacture, supply and installation of flooring products;
Veitchi Industrial Flooring 149479 Manufacture, supply and installation of flooring products; Manufacture and supply of masonry paint.
Veitchi Interiors 42401 Supply and installation of interior partitions, hygienic wall cladding, metal framing systems and ceilings;
Veitchi Homes 140641 Construction of new build housing

Veitchi Group companies work directly for commercial clients, as a sub-contractor or directly to private homeowners.

Our Supply Chain

As a result of our diverse business structure, our engagement with the external supply chain has developed to provide the sourcing of sub-contract services, products and materials direct from manufacturers and distributors, and the provision of agency labour.

Our Policies

We are fully committed to making sure that none of our business practices, including through our external supply chain, that would contravene the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015 are tolerated. Our commitment to this anti-slavery policy is further supported by our whistleblowing practices. These core business policies enforce our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity and aim to drive up standards in the construction industry.

Internal Employees Duties

Adherence to this policy forms part of all employees’ obligations. Group companies recruiting labour should ensure that these individuals have employment contracts in place, and have full control over their own passports.

External Supply Chain

We fully expect that our direct supply chain members meet both legal and ethical standards in their own organisations by ensuring compliance is managed both in their own business and in their supply chain.

We recognise our statutory obligation to demonstrate the steps we have taken to ensure that no acts of modern slavery or human trafficking are apparent in our supply chain. We also acknowledge that we do not control the conduct of individuals and organisations within our supply chain, and so we intend to develop and implement the following measures:

  • Support construction sector initiatives to drive ethical practices throughout the industry and within our supply chain
  • Analyse our Group businesses to understand where we are most likely to be exposed to the risks associated with modern slavery, and target our efforts in these areas
  • Engage with our suppliers to convey our policy requirements and gain an understanding of the measures and controls they have adopted to ensure compliance within their businesses
  • Include within our supply chain prequalification process questions to inspire our potential supply chain to become aware of the steps Veitchi will take to ensure compliance with the Act


To make sure that we monitor our compliance with this policy, we will adopt the following measures across the Group:

  • Completion of all statutory requirements to ensure right to work within the UK
  • Ensure that workers have full access to their passports
  • Ensure that workers have Contracts of Employment
  • Agreements with supply chain members / agency labour providers


This Policy statement is made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act and the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015. This statement constitutes the Veitchi Group’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for year 1st December 2018 to 30th November 2019.


Jim Preston

Group Managing Director

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