Most UK properties external walls are constructed from brick or stone with a cement mortar binding the individual pieces together. When water penetrates the masonry, it causes penetrating damp which can deteriorate your property fabric. Penetrating damp can affect properties of any age, new or old.

Signs of a damp problem may not be immediate, as it can take weeks or months to appear. Some symptoms to look out for include damaged or watermarked walls, mould and exterior brick damage such as crumbling pointing.

Any of these signs could indicate a damp problem affecting the property and sealing exterior brickwork could be a great way to resolve the issue. A Richardson & Starling surveyor will carry out an inspection and recommend the best course of action to make your property water repellent.

Brick wall affected by damp

In the UK, penetrating damp is a major problem due to our climate and potential defects in our buildings. It occurs when water enters through the exterior envelope of your property through masonry, brick or stonework and roof coverings. It can be especially problematic as this type of damp can penetrate at any point of your property through walls, roofs and ceilings, meaning the source can be difficult to locate.

Penetrating damp happens when there is a breakdown of the masonry or roof coverings due to old age, storm damage, or it could be a defect due to the property not being built properly.

Property owners in the UK will be aware of the amount of rain that occurs throughout the year, even in the summer months. Houses in exposed areas or on the coast are particularly susceptible to penetrating damp, especially where driving wind and rain occurs regularly.

Damp proofing your property is not only important to preserve the structural integrity of your home but also helps save on energy bills. Without an effective exterior waterproof or water repellent coating on the property, walls and insulation material can get wet, and when they get wet, they get cold. This means that more energy is required to keep a home warm, not to mention, the damp deteriorating the interior of your property.

Adding a brick waterproofing layer to the outside of the building is a cost-effective way of helping keep the interior of your property dry without utilising extensive damp proofing treatment works.

cavity wall insulation damp issues

A brick waterproofing cream or otherwise called masonry protection cream is a cost-effective way to keep your property safe from penetrating damp. It can be applied to the external surface of brick, stone, render and concrete walls, forming an effective water repellent barrier against penetrating damp issues.

The cream is colourless and will not change the outward appearance of the walls. It is applied by a roller, brush or spray gun and permeates deeply into the masonry forming a highly effective waterproof barrier. It is so effective that it will last for approximately 25 years before requiring a new layer.

brick waterproofing cream application

The benefits to having brick waterproofing cream applied to your property are extensive and can ultimately help save both energy bills and potential repair bills for damage caused by penetrating damp.

  • Prevents wall related penetrating damp issues – left untreated, penetrating damp can cause devastating structural problems in property. A water-repellent cream will prevent rainwater ingress and save your home from penetrating damp
  • BBA approved for 25 years – a long-lasting treatment giving you have peace of mind
  • Maintains exterior appearance – applying a masonry protection cream will not alter the exterior appearance of the property in any way
  • Energy saving – applying a brick waterproofing cream will help reduce heat loss and in turn help reduce energy bills

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